Klaroline Damena & Spuffy
Okay so I recently finished watching The Vampire Diaries and I decided that The Originals sounded like a pretty awesome show, seeing as how the original family was pretty badass in TVD. I am so angry. I thought Hayley was going to be a minor character, you know someone that was an afterthought. But can someone tell me why she's the main character? Why? Do they want me to bleed from my eyeballs? Her character makes me so angry, I just want to punch something. It's concerning.


Damn it, Hayley. I know you were raised by wolves or some shit, but has no one ever taught you how to properly sit at a table? 

Learn some manners, Hoe. 




"Hayley is a mother who lost her child!"


No, Hayley willingly gave her child away. There is nothing to sympathize when she could have left town with her! 




Sometimes, I don’t understand the demons on Supernatural.

Like, okay, you can’t cross a salt line. Fine. But they only ever salt the doors/windows.

You’re a demon. Just punch through a wall.

Don’t tell me you’re afraid of a little vandalism.



We’re the same. You and I.

Oh, God, I have been looking for an anti Hayley blog for so much time, it's almost a miracle to me! THANK YOU! Finally, a group of people who understands me and my will, no, MY NEED to have her fucking character GONE! She's ruining Klaus, she's ruining Elijah, she ruins everything she touches! When she died, Oh my God, I was the happiest person on earth, and then, NO. She. Came. Back. NO WAY. Gosh, just LEAVE! Klaus belongs to Caroline and most important, for me Elijah belongs to Katherine!😀😉
Its just so damn stupid you know? Hayley has been a hybrid for over four months and she still hasn't figured the vampire powers out? and needs Klaus to teach her and guid her through it? for real? Like back in S1 when damon turned Vicky, she learned it in a night and she wasn't the brightest candle on the cake. So where does this leave hayley?



God, I don’t know.

hopefully on the side of the fucking road on the way out of town.